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About Us

We have witnessed the poverty in African regions first-hand through work, internships, volunteering, and travel due to the political and social upheaval left after the Rwandan genocide. This has caused considerable economic implications for communities. 

Giving back to those less fortunate forms the heart of our foundation.


Our founder, Dan McCoy, grew up in Philadelphia alongside his 5 siblings to an Irish father and American mother.  Now retired, Dan was the Executive Vice President of a Fortune 500 company. Having seen much poverty during work and travel, it was always Dan’s plan to give back in some way upon his retirement - to children, to families less fortunate. 


Dan and his family have traveled extensively in Africa, specifically in Tanzania and Rwanda. Dan’s son Nolan interned in Cape Town, South Africa, and later volunteered for a local organization set in the rural villages of Rwanda. After scaling Mt. Kilimanjaro, Dan and Nolan told stories of their time, having witnessed communities without food and water, money for school, and supplies.


It was at this point that Dan realized exactly how he could make a difference to the lives of impoverished children and families. 

The McCoy Foundation raises money for:

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Local Schools

Eastern Africa is being neglected on a global scale. Adults in Rwanda, on average, have an education of just two years.


We began working with the school headmistress of the GS Masoro school in the village Kigomwa. The African school children we help are either orphaned or come from large families, struggling to afford food, health insurance, and basic necessities. We support these children through their school years by providing school lunches and supplies. 

Local Schools

Water Distribution

Water Distribution

Nearly half the population of Tanzania is without basic access to safe water. 

It is predominantly women and children who bear the brunt of this water crisis, walking miles to access water, making several trips daily and often collecting water from unsafe sources – ponds, hand-dug wells, rivers, and canals – in turn, this leads to a number of diseases which can often have deadly implications.

We have established a team of dedicated community leaders to identify the main problems families face in the area. At this time, access to clean water is the biggest issue for families. We are proudly partnered with the Chris Long Foundation to deliver clean water to these communities.

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Women Empowerment through Skills Training

In collaboration with community leaders, we recognize the need for long-term, sustainable solutions. In March of 2022, we launched our sewing skills training program for women and youth with 15 sewing machines and other relevant materials. 

We have trained 100+ community members so far and award the top student in each cohort with a sewing machine from the Foundation. Happily, many of our cohort members have gone on start earning money from this career path. 


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